26 November 2013

Another Dwarf Fortress part 6: Traps active

I am playing Dwarf Fortress again and here I am, writing about what befalls my fortress. Check out the first, second, third, fourth and fifth part, before reading this one.

Sure as winter, the next goblin attacks came. I had readied the fortress as well as I could, reinforcing the militia with immigrants arriving "despite the danger" and building a corridor of traps where my old kill-corridor had been before. When my dwarves spotted a goblin ambush, I told everyone to hide inside and got the militia in position. Let them come through the traps first, each of them loaded with five weapons of different size and making, each of them capable of cutting an intruder apart.

The first fight that included the traps sadly also included an elven caravan that was in the process of unloading their goods at the trade depot and also a rather ballsy speardwarf charging into the trap-tunnel to fight the goblins there. That was not a very smart move because, although the dwarves normally don't activate the traps, he got stabbed in his leg, fell over and into one of the traps, only to explode in gore and vomit. The goblins quickly gave up on their ambushing though, albeit only after I was even quicker to lower the alarm-status of the fortress, which cost me five more dwarves before the hitherto hidden other goblin strikeforces were fought off.

20 November 2013

Another Dwarf Fortress part 5: Breaking the Cycle

I am playing Dwarf Fortress again and here I am, writing about what befalls my fortress. Check out the first, second, third and fourth part, before reading this one.

A human caravan was camping out in my fortress entrance and I was desperately enlarging the tombs so all of the dead dwarves could  be buried. The question on whether I could manufacture coffins faster than the dwarves were dying was answered with the first ghosts appearing in front of the fortress gate. Bummer. I also noticed that the cistern was being haunted, as some dummy dwarf had managed to drown in it. Still, the dying was slowing down and the dead militiadwarves were replaced soon enough.

Building more burial space...

When summer came around, the human caravan was still there and the trading-post had somehow broken down. I quickly built an new one when a dwarven caravan came around. The traders did their thing and I bought a lot of alcohol for my populace to drown their sorrow on. The humans were still there with their pack-animals, not doing too much. I didn't mind, as I could use the extra swords. When my dumping-pit started fuming with miasma, I made the tragic decision to take off the roof above it, creating a hole in my central entrance to let the fumes out so dwarves would still be able to dump garbage in there. A lethal mistake for the outpost liaison, who decided to hang around on the spot that was being trenched away on top. I imagine that not much was left of the guy after falling for ten z-levels...