08 June 2017

Gonna be at Nordcon

So, first time I will actually show WE'RE GOING ON A FUCKING ADVENTURE! to the public. It's the first print-prototype still, with its small errors and not ideal material on the tokens but it'll do. If you want to play and are in Hamburg this weekend, come by the convention and sit down with me (or my buddy Justin). I'll be in the Spielkultur-Tent, waiting for players and probably socializing with old friends I only see once a year at that particular place.

27 April 2017

A Let's Play!

So, Choose your own CaveVenture got its first let's play. The guy was kind enough to tell me so in a comment on the release-posting. If you want to see someone go into the cave blind (so to speak), enjoy this:

I shall repeat my statement I made in the video comments: I'm totally willing to do a co-commentary on any play of my game via Skype or something.

11 March 2017

WGOAFA: A Dev-Diary of Sorts

So after my unboxing, I've been digging my claws into my board game, trying to get out the last kinks so I can finally click that check-box in the store on Gamecrafter to release it to the public. The errors I have found so far are pretty much all my fault, not the print on demand place's, so I can actually address them by going back into the graphics files and fixing them for a re-upload. Here's what I found and did so far:

26 February 2017


Hi everyone, another half-year has passed without a posting from me. That is because life sometimes gets in the way of hobbies. I haven't been idle, however, and we finalized graphics for the board game project I have been on-and-off working on over the past three years. Long time readers may remember it. Everyone else: Take a look at that link and then come back. Seen it? Good, now buckle up and get ready for an unboxing of the first printed prototype of the thing. The artwork by Julia Stein, a good friend and excellent artist, together with good-quality cards from The Game Crafter
have made the following possible:

WE'RE GOING ON A FUCKING ADVENTURE is a cooperative board game for one to five players. It's about dungeon-exploration, monster-fighting, loot-looting and character-upgrading. In the end you fight a dragon – if you get that far. It brings the fun of a dungeon-crawl RPG to a table of people who may have no pen-and-paper-experience and doesn't even require a game master. It'll be print-on-demand so customers in the US are going to be at an advantage for now.

I hope to finalize details and get rid of smaller errors over the next couple of weeks and then it'll become available through the Game Crafter web store. I may at some point do a print-run for the European market but we'll see how things work out. I'm not a salesperson and have no intention to load myself with a basement full of board games. But perhaps another solution will present itself in time.

If you want to give the game a try, I'll be at the next Nordcon where you can check it out.