15 June 2012

Pen & Paper: Full Injury Chart

So, like I said in the last post: Every injury in a gritty RPG should have some sort of flavor. If you, as the GM, don't want the players to accuse you of being too mean or too easy-going on specific players, push the responsibility over to the dice. That's what I'm doing from now on so I made this set of charts. To adapt them to the game-system you're using, consider what in the context of that game would consider a light injury that needs no real treating, a major injury that needs medical attention and a horrible injury that is likely fatal if not immedeatly treated and will leave some permanent damage if you survive.

In my system, where human beings have in between 2 and 10 LP, 1-2 points of damage constitute a light injury, 3-4 is heavy and 5+ is horrible. If your flavor doesn't include where the person was hit, roll a D6 and go 1: left leg, 2: right leg, 3: left arm, 4: right arm, 5: torso, 6: head. Then check what kind of wound is sustained by seeing how much damage was done. Then roll another D6 on the appropriate one of the following charts and interpret the damage according to the type of attack that was sustained:

Light Injuries to Arm or Leg

1: Cut/Bruised: Some minor injury, nothing threatening, probably not needing anything but natural healing.
2: Sprained: Using that limb will be a bit difficult for a while. Minus whatever on moving or using the arm.
3: Finger/Toe Broken: Again, nothing too horrible but including a minus for actions involving it.
4: Funny Bone: A nerve was hit and you are in pain for a while, unable to use the limb and also distracted.
5: Bleeding Wound: This doesn't really hinder you but you're going to need a bandage at some point.
6: Squashed Skin: This hurts and is prone to infection.

Light Injuries to the Body

1: Laceration: Nothing too threatening but it does hurt.
2: Bruised Ribs: Breathing is going to hurt for a while, running may be impossible due to the pain.
3: Lost your Wind: The breath is out of you. You are stunned for a number of turns.
4: Squashed Skin: Again, this hurts and is prone to infection. Wearing armor on it may hurt even more.
5: Bruised Stomach: You may throw up now. This, of course, distracts you but may also confuse the enemy.
6: Light Crotch Hit: No matter what your gender is, this is going to take you out of the battle for a few turns.

Light Injuries to the Head

1: Laceration: You're bleeding now. Watch out that it doesn't get on your suit or into your eyes.
2: Light Concussion: You're dizzy for a few turns. The headaches will stay for a few days too.
3: Broken Nose: You may not look as fancy anymore after this one. Your eyes also tear up instantly.
4: Teeth Hit: One or more of your teeth are gone and the pain confuses you for a bit. Also: Bloody gums.
5: Strained Neck: Looking around and lifting may be painful for a while.
6: Choked: Your neck was hit and you have trouble breathing for a bit. Not good in a physical confrontation.

Serious Injuries to Arm or Leg

1: Dislocated: You can't use this limb until it gets helped with.
2: Broken Bone: A splint and a few weeks time may help but for now using this limb is going to be hard.
3: Deep Laceration: This is bleeding and it needs treatment. Also, it hurts.
4: Degloving: You lost quite some skin there. The scars will scare people later, if you make it.
5: Nerve Injury: The limb is non-permanently paralyzed. This doesn't stop the pain, though.
6: Muscle Torn: This hurts and makes some functions of the limb not function at all. Medical therapy needed.

Serious Injuries to the Body

1: Bleeding Wound: This is a deep one. You lose stamina/HP every turn until someone stops it.
2: Spinal Injury: Moving anything will hurt lots for a while. Without proper treatment may result in paralysis.
3: Broken Ribs: This will hinder labor for weeks. Ignoring this may result in ribs poking through your lungs.
4: Hipbone Broken: Ouch! You cannot walk or even crawl for a few weeks and need help.
5: Shoulder Broken: That arm is useless for a while. Also, carrying things will be problematic at best.
6: Organs Bruised: This results in sickness and pain for weeks. But for now, adrenaline may dampen it...

Serious Injuries to the Head

1: Cerebral Contusion: The headaches and neurological errors will remain for weeks. You get confused.
2: Temporarily Blinded: Your eyes are hurt and for now you're blind. They're not beyond rescue though.
3: Heavy Concussion: You're out for now and will experience dizzyness and illness for weeks to come.
4: Partially Scalped: This hurts, bleeds and makes you look weird. Also, is that your hair on that blade?
5: Burst Eardrum: Hurts horribly and you lose your sense of balance for a few days.
6: Fractured Skull: If you manage to remain conscious, any action may be very dangerous. Just sayin'.

Horrible Injuries to Arm or Leg

1: Open Fracture: Bone is sticking out. It's bleeding, hurting and a very problematic injury. Deal with it.
2: Arterial Wound: You're bleeding out fast, losing HP every turn if nothing is done.
3: Crushed Bone: The bone won't mend ever. It needs replacement, if your techlevel allows for that.
4: Nerve Separated: The limb or part of it is permanently paralyzed.
5: Bloody Mess: What's left of the limb will have to be amputated. For now it's the source of pain and terror.
6: Dismemberment: Broken. Ripped. Cut. Whatever fits the attack, the limb is just gone. Traumatizing.

Horrible Injuries to the Body

1: Internal Bleeding: You're bleeding on the inside. You're probably dead soon.
2: Secondary Organ Failure: An organ of which you have two fails. This will lessen your lifespan.
3: Spinal Cord Separation: You're now paralyzed from the waist or so down. Problematic.
4: Punctured Lung: You have two but you lose some of your stamina or a related stat permanently.
5: Stomach Wound: Guts are coming out and all. Needs expert treatment and you better keep it wet.
6: Heart Failure: Unless you're quite magical, you're clinically dead. May be resusciated by expert doctor.

Horrible Injuries to the Head

1: Brain Damage: You lost a bit too much brain-matter. From now on, you're special.
2: Deafness: You permanently lose your ability to hear. Additional consequence may impair your balance.
3: Blind: You lose your sight on D2 Eyes. Permanently.
4: Crushed Larynx: Until treated, you cannot breathe. If rescued, you may never speak again.
5: Horrible Disfiguration: If you survive, this will make you look horrible for the rest of your days.
6: Death: It killed the brain right out of you. You're dead.

And that's all, nine charts full of awful injuries for the GM to use and abuse. Have fun with it! I know I will.

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