04 July 2012

Recommendations: June 2012

Better late than never, and skipping the month of May entirely, here's my usual set of recommendations. You may notice that I've talked about some of it before but that doesn't make it any less valid, I'd say!

Podcast of the month: Nerdbound
A venerable and long-running actual-play podcast that started out with a group of guys sitting around a table and has since spread itself to skype-games, an active forum-gaming community and all sorts of different role playing games being played. The guys care about neither strict game-form nor political correctness but if you can cope with their humor, they're one of the most reliably entertaining actual-play podcasts out there. I highly recommend especially their one-shots and anything Warhammer 40k-related.

Blog of the month: Microdungeons
Tony, maker of the excellent and aforementioned How to Host a Dungeon has this little art-blog. He's doing mainly mapping of what he considers microdungeons, meaning anything from a basement to a hollowed-out asteroid to the mind of a kraken-god, charted out on small sheets of paper he draws on. Mostly not directly playable but a joy to look at and get inspired by!

Free game of the month: Spelunky
The old PC-version is still free. As I've talked about this one before quite recently, I won't say much more than this: Play it! Just do it. You can! I believe in you! The rewards are endless!

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