07 January 2013

Free Release! One Page Dungeon! 100th Post! 1 Year Blogiversary!

Well well well, it's been one year with this blog now, coinciding with my 100th post. Putting out something that's been in the works for quite a while this is a good point to get back a bit to role-playing, which has come a little short during the current Kerbal-streak I'm on.

So here (a bit more info after the jump) it is, intended to be entered into this years One Page Dungeon Contest: Midnight at Halcyons Coven:

So, it's a system-free one-page dungeon in a modern urban-fantasy-type of setting. It's all about secret cults, horrible experiments, human sacrifice and opening a portal to hell. I had the idea quite a while ago while reading an article somewhere about the sale of old missile-silos in the United States and how well they would serve as a Bond-Villain style lair. I thought to myself, hey, I can use that and decided to render such a lair on Google SketchUp. As I was listening to some Chiasm at the time, the horror-theme came up on it and so it became the lair of an evil cult bound to usher in the end of the world. Other software used was OpenOffice for the texts, Paint for the total composition and Gimp for some special effects such as the frame and some of the wash-out around the silo itself.

Feel free to print it out and play it. The format is optimized for German A4 paper but it should work well enough on most standard sheets. You might just want to use the template for any modern dungeon that is based on a realistic-sized missile silo. Do as you wish but please respect the license as indicated on the bottom of the page.

Thanks go out to those of my test-readers who actually submitted feedback, Kolja and Tim H. Thanks you guys!

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