08 January 2014

Choose your own CaveVenture: Announcement!

Okay, here it comes: The roguelike we've been working on for quite a while, with me leaking some thoughts on the design process every now and then, will, baring a disaster of civilizaton-destroying force, be released this coming Sunday, January 12th 2014. Let's talk about what the game does, shall we?

Choose your own CaveVenture, which was the work-in-progress title but kinda stuck, is a roguelike with the classical theme of exploring an underground cave, but with the interface of a choose your own adventure. That means that instead of traditional top-down ASCII-graphics and/or tilesets or a 3D-enine, the entirety of the game will work with descriptions of the player's surroundings and what happens, while the controls offer you options of what you can (attempt to) do.

This may seem like a very primitive way of doing things at first but it does have some advantages over the classical roguelike:

-You do not need to memorize half your keyboard worth of functions. What you can do will be, with some exceptions of general things, always visible on the interface. This makes the game extremely easy to learn, even for non-gamers.

-As description and game-view are the same, you do not so easily miss things like descriptions of audio and such, as may happen in other roguelikes.

-Accessibility. The game can be played by the visually impaired with a screen-reader as those programs are designed to read lines of text.

All you'll need to play the release version of the game will be a Python 2 compatible decompiler, which can be got here (make sure to get a Python 2 version, as Python 3 is not backwards-compatible).

Anyways, come back on Sunday to get the game, while we put some finishing touches on version 1.0!

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