04 November 2014

What is going on here?

So, this blog ain't dead and neither am I. Being a father can really muck with your game-time so I have some thoughts regardin that which I shall reveal here over the next few posts. That isn't all though: I'm still working on some projects.

First and foremost the board game that the last post was about. It's coming along at a slow and steady pace, I have an artist doing illustrations and we hope to have an illustrated prototype ready by Christmas. That is good because while my play-prototype is feature-complete, it's also in ASCII-graphics, which can confuse non-roguelike-players.

I've been writing articles on DMing pen & paper RPGs over at this site (in German). Besides that and now churning out articles for a living, I seldom get to visit this old haunting-ground of mine. I do not intend to let it die off though, as it will continue to serve as my game-design-blog where I will keep the world updated on what I'm doing and put writing that is too niche for my editor at the other website.

The other project I'm currently working on is directly related to me being a father now: I'm trying to write a pen & paper RPG for kids. Like, really little kids. 4 and up. My son still has some ways to go until he's mature enough (if you can call it that) for that but I want to be ready to welcome him in the world of role-playing as soon as he is. I dislike simply scaling down classical pen & paper as I think that ethics are important and I'd like to keep my kid in a somewhat safe environment when it comes to playing. Think of the game I'm working on as something like a kid's book-version of an RPG. There'll be no murdering things, players won't need to be literate and there are activities such as solving labyrinths, drawing with crayons and making simple rhymes in order to cast spells.

I'll go into more depth in a future post. Stay tuned as I have some stuff to talk about here in the near future. Next up: My opinion on the cesspool that is #GamerGate. More on that later this week.

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