22 February 2012

Play Diary: Rogue Survivor - Vinnie Tarver

In this play-diary I'll do something different to the ongoing Oblivion-series and play a little roguelike called Rogue Survivor, which can be found for free here. Roguelikes are games usually based on procedural generation of worlds, the programmers choice of mechanical depth over graphics, and usually a high degree of difficulty. A famous example would be NetHack. Anyways, Rogue Survivor takes place after zombies have started to overrun your city and you play a random survivor (or zombie, if you want to), just trying to survive for as long as possible. My first Play-Diary of RS can be found here, the second one here.

This was the first time I played with the new rule-set of "classic" zombie-apocalypse, foregoing any mutated monstrosities and skeletons and allowing only zombified men and women in the game. The addition of corpses to this version makes things interesting too. I'd figured it would be easier without zombie-masters around but I was wrong. Also, did that serial-killer get updated too..?

Day 0:
I woke up smashed after this party in the central park villa club. Man, there were people running around all frantic and the radio was on, broadcasting some stuff about the end of the world. I didn't believe it but then I saw them: Actual freaking zombies. I got the hell out of there and ran across the street into the police station. The cops were actually handing out weapons and body armor to civilians. Everything is going crazy! I didn't want to be the one guy without a weapon so I got a shotgun, some shells, riot-gear and a flashlight. I wanted to hide in the basement-cell block so I went down there. There was a guy in one of the cells begging me to let him go and that the CHAR corporation was after him and whatnot. I reluctantly opened the cell and he came out and told me where the secret CHAR facility was that started all of this. Then his body split open and a monstrous creature broke out of him. I screamed like a baby, which got two cops on the plan to check things out. They opened up with their guns and the thing came at us. I emptied my shotgun into it as it ate one of the cops alive. It came at me too while I was frantically reloading, bit me but I finished it off. The bite later became infected, I need to do something about it. There were some army-rations in the basement of which I took some. Then I left, before anyone notices that it had been me who opened that cell. I went to the Western Central subway-station because just the other week I had noticed a sign for a cold-war era bomb-shelter there, which is where I'm camped out right now. Tomorrow I'll go up and find medical help. Hopefully the national guard will be there and it will all be over by then.

Day 1:
The infection has worsened and I didn't find a pharmacy. When I got to the shopping district it was already full of Z. Some fights later I got some food and a handgun from a store that I and some other people were looting whilst fighting off the occasional Z. On the way back here a guy kicked me, ambushing me in the station-entrance but I ran off. I think he was after my stuff, as he looked alive. I made another trip to the shopping district but the only place of interest I could find was a gun-store and that was all boarded-up. The wound is itching and burning at the same time and some purple has started invading the skin around it. This is not good. I need some disinfectant or antibiotic or something. Gotta find that tomorrow. It's two in the morning, I better sleep now...

Day 2:
I left the station in the morning, running into even more Z on the way out. The next shopping-area held a lot of grocery-stores, which I'll get back to later but only a small pharmacy. I used all the medicine I could find to help with this wound and it has gotten better but it's not completely gone and I don't have enough antibiotics to treat it properly. Shit. I left the district and had totally lost my track of time – it was starting to get dark. I broke into a house and went into the basement. I barricaded the stairs up with some old furniture and collapsed on a dusty bed standing in a corner. As I write this it's the next morning (I think) and I'll get up out there to bring the food I found yesterday to my hide-out in the subway. Then I'll see if I can find another pharmacy...

Day 3:
What a day! I got out of the basement and hiked to the eastern part of the shopping district, hoping to find some medicine. None there but a gang of bikers attacked me on the way. I ran off. I stuffed the food I found yesterday into my subway-hideout and went back out to get some more supplies from the shopping-district. Some idiot moved the car I had used to barricade the station entrance with – the whole place was full of zombies! I had to dodge some more of them on the way but got a nice big haul of canned food from the shopping center. I plan on going again tomorrow but I might need to find a pharmacy first. The wound has gotten worse again. On the way home I ran into bikers, hungry people after my stuff and zombies. I don't know how exactly I made it back here but I'm now going to sleep. Tomorrow I must really look into doing something about this wound...
Day 4:
There was a change of plan. I went outside, avoided a group of Z, was going south but then I heard a chopper dropping stuff quite near by. It was an aid-drop, full of military rations and a med-kit. I ran there and picked up what I could, avoiding a zombie-woman in the process. As I wanted to make my way back to the station to stash the stuff, a cop came running around the corner. I wondered why he was running and then he turned around and fired his shotgun as there was a group of zombies after him. I went around the station to get to the entrance behind the horde and a zombie-woman started following me. She followed me all the way down onto the platform. I stashed the food and got my shovel. I went out there and bashed her head in. The first Z I have killed, if you don't count that monster-thing that burst out of that prisoner-guy... I fear she won't be the last. Or should I hope for that...?

Day 5:
Finally, my luck has turned! I found a huge pharmacy and treated the wound fully. Even took some more medical supplies back home. Saw a lot of bikers fighting zombies and each other on the way. The city seems to be overrun. Only the occasional helicopter dropping supplies indicates that this isn't affecting the whole world. The guy who died in the station got back up and attacked me. I ain't getting bit again. I got the shotgun and filled him with shells. A dead biker up in the entrance also got up to kill me and I did the same to him. The station is Z-free for now, I have a decent amount of food and intend to get more tomorrow. Things are looking up!

Day 6:
Two successful grocery-runs have emptied all that was left in food at the shopping center. Dodging the Z on the way has become routine by now even though one bit me again. I'll wait what the wound does over night and then treat it in the morning. I met a cop and a guy holed up in a grocery-store full of decaying food. The cop said that the army was locking up the city and sending in squads to clean the place up. I'll have to take his word for that.

Day 7:
After yesterdays success I decided to take this day a bit more slowly. I got up late, checked out the station. The barricade had been shifted again, letting two Z in. I brought my shotgun and killed both of them. Outside there were some bikers and Z fighting. I decided not to interfere. Tomorrow I'll try to gear up a little with regards to my weaponry.

Day 8:
I left early in the morning to check out the stores of the eastern side of the shopping district. There I found that a lot of living people and cops were around but I also heard shots being fired somewhere. I found three bodies in an alleyway, a cop, a biker and some regular dude. The guy had a hunting rifle I picked up. In a sporting goods-store I ran into a group of gangstas, complete with jewelry and all-purple-baggie-pants-outfits. They yelled at me and I dove for cover behind the shelves, picking up ammo for the rifle as I went along. They were apparently distracted and I didn't see them again until I left the store: Outside, some of them were lying dead. I have started to make it a habit to hack up corpses so they don't come back. Maybe I'm slowly going insane...

Day 9:
Went south to check out another district. Some confused straggling gangstas were showing themselves on the way but they were no threat. I gave a hungry guy some food I had found and moved on. Found some rifle-ammo in a store and a magnum on a dead gangsta. Shot two Z with it on the way back. Nothing else really happened, except that I found even more medical supplies. If I get bit again, I'll be ready this time...

Day 10:
Spent the day traversing the city underground, following the subway-tunnel. I have decided it's time to check out the hospital. Maybe there is help there. I moved supplies to the next station over. I smashed open the gate there with a big hammer I found. I'll head to the hospital tomorrow. This revolver should come in handy with that...

Day 11:
The body was found in the basement of the hospital, hacked apart with a large weapon such as an ax or maybe a meat-cleaver. A revolver with a single bullet left in the chamber was laying next to it.

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