01 February 2012

Things to come 2

What's coming up next around here? As usual, in no particular order, posted when I feel like it throughout February:

-Continuation and conclusion of the Schmidtennistan-files. My grandfather as a nerdy kid playing wargames will probably be material for two more posts.

-Day 2 of the Oblivion play-diary. It gets a serious twist towards the end of that day...

-Some more Minecraft-musings in connection with some other examples of emotional impact in games. Why are these cubes so scary?

-Reviews of some board-games I've been playing recently. Not the most up-to-date ones, mind you but the twist is that I often play them with just two people (my girlfriend and me) and most games don't hold up to well with only two players. Some do though, so if you want to play the occasional game with your significant other, these could be interesting for you.

I'll also probably slow down the publishing rate to four times per week, roughly. Maybe every Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Saturday. Yeah, that sounds about right. So, thanks for your interest, all five of you who are reading this!

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