24 May 2012

Look what I built!

Two of my friends are getting married this weekend and, being the best man (to the bride, actually), I had to come up with something clever for a gift. Went to cubeecraft and, with the help of my lovely girlfriend, built this nice little mario-themed diorama. As bride and groom have sent out their save-the-date in pixelart too, I thought it would only be fitting. Financial aid for the wedding (in the form of coins, of course) goes into the ?-Blocks. This was quite a lot of work as I have printed out everything in 300 dpi, rendering every block rather small (1" per side), making them quite a bit of precision-work to cut out and put together. Also, I really should have made the floor from one piece - but I didn't, it's eight individual cubes... Not the smartest route, I tell you.

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