14 May 2012

Recommendations: April 2012

Recommendations April 2012

A bit delayed as I'm still coping with a death in my closest family, these are some recommendations for your enjoyment in the usual three categories. If any sound like something you'd enjoy, give them a try, you won't regret it!

Podcast of the month: The Rock Paper Shotcast
The makers of the PC-gaming site rockpapershotgun have recently started doing a somewhat irregular podcast (which they claim to be weekly). Topics include news about the video-games industry, general banter and interesting thoughts on concepts within games in a rather informal format that, although sometimes lacking in structure, is very entertaining to listen to.

Blog of the month: The Dungeon Dozen
One of the most entertaining RPG-related things out there, the Dungeon Dozen features (almost) daily random-roll-charts based on a twelve-sided die that give you anything from character-backgrounds to cultural quirks in the mole-people society to loot you find in the arch-wizards chest. As the maker describes it, this blog provides high-flavor and low detail inspirational ideas for role-players or anyone interested in fantasy looking for a chuckle. Be it creating entire worlds in your mind or just laughing with it at the clich├ęs pertained in the hobbys lore, this is an absolute must-read.

Free game of the month: Prospector
As you may have noticed, I like me some good roguelikes with a huge open world to explore and some punishing dangers to kill me permadead. Prospector combines these with space exploration aboard a ship and on planetary surfaces with a nice degree of complexity while remaining rather accessible (for a roguelike). Go forth and explore a planetary sector, make money working for the (somewhat evil) corporations, do your own thing, become a pirate, do whatever you like. There is even a large-scale story to uncover but I have never survived for long enough to find out more than "there are killer robots on some planets. My weapons are useless against them."...

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