20 March 2016

One Page Dungeon Contest 2016 - Sneak Peek

So, the One Page Dungeon Contest 2016 is around the corner. Deadline is May 1st, so there is some time left. This year I'm working on something quite special. Here's a little sneak peek of my work in progress:

It's been three years since my last entry in that competition. Back then I made several rather big mistakes I'd like to address here.

First of all, I should have read the submission hints more clearly. And then heeded them. One of them said that a too small font would pretty much disqualify you – the judges wouldn't want to squint to read some tiny tiny text. I can understand and as I've now been a professional writer for almost two years, I can see how my hubris totally failed the project there. I shouldn't have tried to press three pages of text on the margins of the graphics on one.

Now I still like my vertical dungeon, the theme and the story. As my current One Page Dungeon is almost finished, I think I will make a remix of Midnight of Halcyon's Coven. Remove most text, get the thing streamlined, tidy it up. Make it legible.

The new dungeon has much less text. Around 400 words, to be precise. A bit more than half a page. Less than a quarter of my last attempt of putting a dungeon on a single page. It's got much less details but a (I hope) clever conceit and feature that it's centered around. I'll give out more details as the deadline approaches.

This means two free releases here in the near future. The Lair of the Voidbeast and Midnight at Halcyon's Coven 2016. Look forward to them.

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