05 July 2016

Free Release: Midnight at Halcyon's Coven 2016

After the One Page Dungeon Contest 2016 is over it's time to revisit my first foray into that competition: Midnight at Halcyon's Coven was a mess so I decided to re-make it. Using all I have learned about making One Page Dungeons, I cleaned it up. Let me elaborate.

The original had three specific problems: Problem 1 was way too much work I put into the 3D-rendering of the bunker and its furniture. Hours upon hours went into coffee-mugs and desk lamps that would be invisible in the finished product. That work however, has been done and this is not a problem for the reader - so nothing's to be done about that.

Problem 2 is that ugly frame. It was supposed to make the whole page look more professionally lay-outed but it makes large swaths of text harder to read. While the new version looks a bit less stylish without it as I have not found a good replacement, having no frame is better than that one.

Problem 3 is the most glaring one: Way, way too much text. I left nothing to the imagination of whoever is running this adventure and that was very foolish. The large amount of text gives unnecessary details and forces the font to a tiny size that's a terrible chore to read. I cut it back to the bare necessity. So, I hereby proudly present to you:

Midnight at Halcyon's Coven 2016

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