31 January 2012

Recommendations January 2012

In this category of posts I will highlight three links I find worthwhile and tell you, the readers, why that is so. In every post like this I will link to one podcast, one other blog, and one free game, be it video-, table-top, RP-, or other. I'll try to keep this as regular category at the end of the month/beginning of the next month, hence the “of the month” attached to each category. Take that however you will. All things presented here are things I listen to/read/play on a regular basis and that is my only certificate of quality I'm offering here.

Podcast of the month: The SundaySkypers
The Sunday Skypers is a role-playing actual play podcast by some people who play pen and paper RPGs via Skype (duh). There are quite a few actual-play-podcasts out there but this one has quickly become my favorite as the participants really get into it and make the stories they play in come to life with different accents and a general attitude that makes this 'cast something special. If you're into listening to other people playing RPGs at all (typing it out like this makes it feel a bit pathetic, I must admit), you should definitely give this one a try, I recommend starting out with the Zo-episodes.

Blog of the month: Towards Dawns
A long running project by a video-games-journalist who decided to start a Minecraft-blog on a very simple concept: Keep moving towards dawn in the ever expanding world of Minecraft until you die. As people who play Minecraft know you'll eventually fall into a pit filled with either enough nothing to make the impact deadly or lava so it will eventually end. Updates aren't frequent but it's very well written and quite a nice journey to follow. It's been quite a long trip so far and I strongly recommend following it all the way to the eventual demise of the protagonist, though that hasn't happened yet.

Free game of the month: RogueSurvivor
I love me a good roguelike and this one is one of the best. Combining an interface that is not too complicated with mechanics that are actually quite alright and graphics that tell you all you need to know, this game creates a randomized city, populates it with people and zombies and lets you run loose until you die. Will you starve? Will you not find a safe place to sleep? Will roving bikers maul you to death? Every game you play in Rogue Survivor will tell a different story, most of the time a short one, I admit, but sometimes you can hold out even longer. I recommend turning perma-death on to give the thing a truly horrifying atmosphere...

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