02 March 2012

Things to come 3

Another month has passed. So what's going to go on here in March 2012?

-The conclusion of the Schmidtennistan-Files. This time we're going to get around reviewing the army that was apparently defending my grandfather's bedroom in the late 1930s.

-More pen and paper thoughts! I'll give you some hints on world-creation for a low-fantasy setting. We'll see where it goes.

-More Oblivion. This month we'll conclude day 2, which means that I'll actually have to play the game again in the near future...

-Another Board Game Review: Pandemic. See if you are going to get infected or not (I just had to make that joke. Sorry!).

I have to admit that three posts per week seem realistic in my current life-situation. Also it's quite possible that I'm going to release some small-scale video games soon, as part of the Rock-Paper-Shotgun Gamepunk-Movement. Stay tuned on that one, though I'm not going to promise too much. Also, and this is all hypothetical right now, it's possible that a buddy and I are going to make a mobile app in the foreseeable future. Maybe.

I'm outta here!

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