08 January 2012

Game Release: Sudongeon

Here it goes: First release of a free game on this blog. So, here we go: MadZab Gaming proudly presents Sudongeon!

What is Sudongeon? Well it's a little pen&paper-RPG experiment. A solo-dungeon-crawl that uses a Sudoku for generating a randomized little dungeon. Hence the name. You know. Sudongeon. Soduku. Dungeon. Yeah, not all that clever.

I wrote this game sometime last year after reading an article on some other blog (linked in the game file) about using a Sudoku for generating a dungeon for a game of DnD and I thought I should make this a full game. So, download it, try it out if you like, modify it to make it your own little thing, whatever! It's a small PDF-file and it probably needs some more work and refining. Let me know if you have any feedback about it.

Download link:

Sudongeon 0.4

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