26 January 2012

Play Diary: Rogue Survivor - Unknown Man

In this play-diary I'll do something different to the ongoing Oblivion-series and play a little roguelike called Rogue Survivor, which can be found for free here. Roguelikes are games usually based on procedural generation of worlds, the programmers choice of mechanical depth over graphics, and usually a high degree of difficulty. A famous example would be NetHack. Anyways, Rogue Survivor takes place after zombies have started to overrun your city and you play a random survivor (or zombie, if you want to), just trying to survive for as long as possible.

As the game is under development and there is no 'win' state yet, it usually boils down to how long can you survive. Killing zombies is not the goal, you level up with each passing day regardless of how you spent it. You need to eat and you need to sleep and that is what usually gets you killed. These play-diaries are going to be stand-alone stories of survivors I played until they expired, written down from their perspective as I was playing. Almost none of the events are scripted, as this is a random world and I of course write a bit more into them than actually happened in-game but the general story is what happened, as it happened. Enjoy!

Day 0:
How did I get there? Don't know but I left that house quickly. Screams and panic everywhere, had to get out. A cop shot an undead monster that was attacking me. He said I'd better find a save place to be so I left for the shopping district. Found myself some guns and ammo as well as some food I ate and now I just spent the night in a general store. Gonna try and get underground to the subway station as I heard rumours that they're gonna nuke the whole city! Gotta grab what I can and get moving now.

Day 1:
This morning I arrived at the subway station and found shelter here. After stashing the weapons and ammo I brought, taking only the shotgun and a couple of spare shells with me, I set out for the shopping district south of here. After fighting off some Z with a couple of cops I found some pistol ammunition and fresh food in a general store. Grabbed as much as I could carry and decided to call it a day. Not much trouble on the way back here but I'll have to go out there again tomorrow. Hopefully I'll find some more canned food that hasn't been plundered yet.

Day 2:
On the good side, I survived a gunfight with a biker on the way down to the shopping district today. On the bad side, when I left the station, there was a huge horde of Z in the station entrance area and when I came back they were still there. I think they followed me down here. I'm pretty sure they can't find me here but I can only get out when getting past them. I'll try to catch some sleep. That biker messed me up pretty bad but I patched myself up with some bandages in the shopping district. Also brought home a lot of canned food. If I can get past those Z tomorrow, I'll try to get even more food. Oh god, I think I can hear them scrambling around out there...

Day 3:
I was able to evade them by running past them, dodging their feeble attempts of grabbing me. So many of them! I got out. There was fighting everywhere in the streets but I made my way to the grocery store. I ate some slightly spoiled food and dodged the Z that were there, grabbing as many cans of food as I could. I brought them back to my subway base, the Z from the lobby gone at that time. I decided to go for another haul but got too tired to press on so I came down here into the basement of the general store and barricaded myself in with a shelf. I just slept very long, obviously I haven't had enough sleep for a while. It's about 9:00 and I'll get going now, to find out what else there is for me to get here in the shopping area.

Day 4:
Crazy bitch! More on that later... I left the basement of the store, after having met another guy who had also spent the night there but had been hiding since he was afraid of me. He said he'd never go back up again but he wished me luck. So did I to him. Upon reaching the ground floor, I found a group of Z, freshly turned. One of them was the hot chick in black I had seen just the other day. Apparently they had camped out in the store and been overrun during the night. I grabbed the supplies they surely wouldn't need anymore and ran for it. I made it back home to my subway-hideout safely, seeing some army-rations lying around a crate on the street - it seems we are getting help finally. After stashing the cans I went back out to see if there were any of the rations left, two were and I came back down. In the station, a woman came at me with a freaking crowbar! I didn't want to harm her so I ran away into the tunnels. I hope she won't find me here in my lair. I'll sleep now and check tomorrow if she's gone or not.

Day 5:
Close call! Today was dominated by heavy fighting in the subway station. Z had come in and I had to fend them off. Found some army supplies in the streets too so I had to come back here twice to stash them. I have a rather large stash of food now but I will run out of ammunition at some point. This revolver has proven to be a rather nice asset though. I was going to get some more supplies from the shopping district but a group of bikers attacked me. I escaped within an inch of my life. I patched myself up as good as I could when I came back here but I think I better rest for a day or two before daring to go out there again... It was definitely too close for comfort this time.

Day 6:
Nothing much. Spent all day just waiting, playing games with some pebbles and a loose button from my shirt. Tomorrow might bring more action...

Day 7:
And more action I got! I felt a lot better after sleeping in, left the station and found that it was already past noon. But I wanted to finally explore that shopping district so I went for it. Found a bunch of bikers and Z fighting it out and basically just fired into the fray, reloading until I was almost out of bullets and they were all dead. Looked around and heard some gangsters driving around, shooting so I went further into the shopping area. Met two cops who said they were patrolling and killing Z as well as gangsters and bikers under martial law. In a grocery store that was surprisingly unlooted I ran into a horde of Z, among them that hot chick again, though not as hot anymore now that she's all dead... I ran through the aisles, grabbing what I could before dashing home. Back in the subway station there is a guy with a shovel who hit me pretty hard over the head. I have a headache and I think I'll rest for a day or two again before going out there. I also met a wounded soldier who said troops were being airlifted into the city to pacify the Z but the city is blocked off with a military perimeter and there is no getting out for us civilians at this time. I guess I'll have to hold out then...

Day 8:
Not much to say about today. I feel a little better but definitely still not okay. I guess I'll wait another day for my headache to go away and then I'll see if I can get to the police precinct. Maybe there's going to be some sort of safety there...

Day 9:
Procrastinated, ate, now I'll sleep. Tomorrow will be the great expedition to the police station. I hope I'll make it there and back here again...

Day 10:
I was on my way to the precinct when I noticed a busted-open CHAR-building in the business district. There were people looting and I joined in on that, grabbing shot-shells and the like. I decided to hide the stuff here in another subway-shaft to bring more tomorrow. If the precinct is a safe place it can wait, if it isn't I'll at least have some more equipment for my own survival later. I even found two grenades! Scary!

Day 11:
I went outside, finding a cop and a woman, both well armed guarding this subway station. Nice. I heard a chopper dropping off supplies and ran there but it was complete pandemonium! Civilians were caught in between raging bands of bikers, gangsters and Z! I grabbed some food and ran for it. If they hadn't been busy killing each other I'd be dead. I went into the business district and found the CHAR building overrun with Z. I did however manage to grab some food. On the way back into the subway station I found it under assault by a gang of bikers. I helped the cop and the woman out, firing my revolver. We managed to kill them all but the cop got hit in the head with a crowbar and died shortly after our victory. The woman said she was going home and wandered off. I have quite a lot of food with me here now and I think I'll sleep for the night and see what else I can find tomorrow.

Day 12:
Went into the CHAR building, clearing out the Z with my revolver. Picked up not only a shotgun and some ammo, but also a CHAR body-armour that looks much more sturdy than the leather-jacket I have been wearing up until now. I found a strange little device that is labeled "Black Ops tracker GPS" and took it home. Maybe it'll be of use later. I just know that the CHAR corporation is behind all this shit. For now I'll wait here in my tunnel. The streets are crawling with Z and more supplies are needed if I want to make it to the precinct.

Day 13:
No luck with the business-district as it was crawling with bikers and this time they had guns! I barely escaped. Other than them I haven't seen a living soul on the surface, just Z. I decided to move my stuff from the new subway stash to the old one so I have it all in one place. It proved harder than expected as there was a Z waiting for me at the station and it bit me quite bad. Also there was a starving guy with a shovel demanding food from me. I pacified him by giving him three of my cans but when I came by for the second haul, he attacked me. I escaped into the darkness and now I'll wait here for a day or two for him to go away...

Day 14:
The body was found in the subway station, mauled to death with a shovel.
It turns out, the unknown man wasn't as unknown as I had thought, finding this screenshot while looking through the death-screens. Rest in peace, Eric.

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