07 January 2012

Things to come 1

So, here is what's going to come to this blog in the not-too-distant future in no particular order:

-Introduction and download link to Sudongeon, a solo-dungeon-crawl pen & paper RPG I made using Sudoku for procedural generation.

-An in-game diary for Rogue Survivor, a roguelike game about surviving as long as possible in a city overrun by zombies. Spoiler: The character dies at the end. There may be more than one of these as they are reasonably short.

-Introduction and download link to Office Fleets, a small and simple tabletop-strategy game I made that uses only office-supplies and some simple but clever movement-mechanics.

-My gaming-diary of playing The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion. Yeah, years after everyone else did, I am doing it too!

-Thoughts about working on my own board-game. From creating graphics as someone who can't draw for crap to how to get components this series will have it all. In the end we'll hopefully have a board-game out...

And this is it for the next couple of weeks, I guess. See you there!

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