07 January 2012

Introducing this blog

Hello everyone, you all here? Good. This is my blog and it's about the games I make and the games I play.

I spend a lot of my free time creating games, old-school pen-and-paper RPGs, board-games and even the occasional table-top strategy thing. I've also made forum-optimized RPG-concepts in the past and sometimes I delve into procedurally generated solo-player-affairs of the RPG-irk too. Some of the stuff I create is for free release and these will be available to download here later. Others are not for free, as I intend to sell them at some point of readiness but you will hear a lot about those here so you can form your own opinion in time. As I currently have quite a lot of content I'll probably do about four to five posts per week for starters.

My self-made games are only one aspect of this blog. The second one is going to be my own opinion on games, both physical pen-and-paper affairs of the roleplaying-kind and videogames of any sorts, really. This may include reviews but are probably going to be more in-depth musings about themes and mechanice in gaming. I'm mostly an indie-player as I like free stuff and I don't care too much for good graphics so that will show but I do play the occasional AAA-title. Usually years after first release though, as I find stuff in bargain-bins at the local supermarket and I don't have the money to keep up with current-level hardware all the time.

Another big part of this blog will be gaming-diaries. These may take the form of fictional diaries by characters in games I play, like the Rogue Survivor-Diary I have at the ready, or in-depth descriptions of me playing a game and what happens and what I think about it, which is going to start soon with my very own playthrough of Oblivion. Think of these as a written form of the ever popular Let's-Play format found on Youtube.

Anyways, those who find their way here are welcome to leave feedback in the comments, we'll see where this all is going to go from here. So let's get to it then...

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