28 January 2012

Playing Oblivion - Day 1 part 11: Delivering the Prince

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It's early 2012 and I'm playing The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion. Why? Because I (finally) can. Join me on my path to glory and the stabilization of the status quo in almost-Tolkien-land.

We spawn outside the monastery at Chorol and a dark-elf seeing this comes running towards us. We have a fairly long conversation about how we must go into the monastery quickly as there are assassins about who killed the head of the place already. After confirming this for about two minutes we rush into the chapel, killing an assassin in armor who, much like the guys who killed the Emperor reverts into a red-hooded corpse after dying. The Blade head-honcho is alright but has, of course, left the royal amulet in his room. We rush there only to find that it is gone and the assassins now have it. Should've left it with me, really.

At this point it is decided to bring Martin to the secret fortress-temple of the Blades in the mountains and that I should take the dead priors horse. See, I told you buying one would've been a waste of time. But then, so is this. After all, with the fast-travel-system, why would I need a horse. Are there any special combat techniques that can be used while mounted? I don't know. We saddle up and I hit fast-travel again as I've been playing for hours by now.

The secret temple-fortress is not all that far away from the nearest town so I don't know how it can be that secret but its most important attribute seems to be that it is easily defended with a small number of fighters, or so head-honcho chief of the GeStaPo-SwissGuard-Samurai tells me. Alright, I guess. While he is holding a speech in the courtyard of this suspiciously Chinese looking structure in a world where this architecture is somewhat displaced I run around not listening, checking the area. I'm a bit fed-up with these pretentious fools of people wearing European plate-mail, one-handedly wielding katanas and operating above the law, sometimes in public, sometimes in secret. So when they ask me to join them, of course I say yes. I want a sword like that. Though their armory is lacking in everything else, Martor feels like it is his duty to serve his future Emperor and thus doesn't take more than one sword, even though they are probably worth quite a bit when sold. I get my next task, which is to go back to the capital and meet up with that asshole-guard who took the first katana away from me. I check my quest-log and see that it pretends that I haven't been to the vampire-basement at all so I guess I missed something there. I decide that before going to the capital I must get that quest done as I can turn it in with the half-orc in the capital itself.

So I fast-travel back to the ruined fortress. As I have killed everything between me and the underground vampire-chamber I get there without issues and then notice that yes, I can pick up a book that I read lying around. I pick up the diary this time and Martor remarks in the quest notes that the vampires son won't like this so much, being the child of a monster and all. I agree but the truth must come out, mustn't it? With my new weapon equipped I go into the chambers where I saw a humanoid figure stalking around before and don't you know it, they are still there. Turns out they are what the game identifies as vampire-pilgrims, dark-elf looking women who cast some sort of invisibility-spell upon themselves and then attack. They stand no chance against the Blades newest recruit and I gather vampire-ashes from their corpses. Maybe an alchemist will pay for this in the capital. That would be a good point to sell the Daedra-hearts I have collected too. I leave the fortress and fast-travel back to the capital.

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