04 April 2012

Minecraft: Permadeath Play - Day 1

After my favorite Minecraft play-blog has finished its epic story of a nomad and his eternal voyage (which wasn't eternal after all), I have decided to fill the void left by that glorious adventure by starting my own little project with Minecraft: Minecraft: Permadeath play. By now the game even offers the option of Hardcore Mode, which deletes your save-file and the entire world in case you should die. That is something I can get behind. I started to play and will post day by day here every once-in-a-while. The goal is not only survival, as that would lead to me building a fortified farm and then nothing else happening ever again. Instead, I have set myself some goals that I shall pursue one at a time. The first one is to get a map of my surrounding area, exploring it to its entirety. Let's get started, shall we?

I spawn in a snow-covered forrest and immedeatly feel the dread and pressure that I have set upon myself. If I die, this is it. And there is no safe place in the world as of yet. The first day in Minecraft is always something filled with time-pressure, as you scramble to get tools and building-materials to get a shelter for the night going. I also need to find a suitable place to settle down at so, after chopping down some trees to get the wood I will need for my first set of tools, I set out to find a less snow-covered area. I have always liked to start with natural caves or similar, as that would also be a source of coal and stone but the area around me is just snow-covered conifers as far as I can see...

Just snow and trees...
Running around frantically like a decapitated chicken, I stumble onto a river which has a nice little bend around a piece of non-snowy land, forming a peninsula that also has not one, but two cave-entrances on it. I look at it and, as there are no mountains visible anywhere and the only types of landscape in sight are snowy forrest, regular forrest, and jungle, I decide that if I clear that peninsula off trees and shrubbery, I can wall it off and make it an easily defended little piece of land. The caves underneath will even give opportunity to mine for ores of all sorts.
Prime real-estate in need of development right there!
I clear some of the trees off the island and check out the caves. The cave in the back is ominous and deep but it is almost off the peninsula, in the snowy biome behind it so I decide to cover it up with dirt for now and build an entrance from my cellar later.
The larger cave, before being covered-up.
The smaller cave, which has an entrance square in the middle of the peninsula is cozy and not too large. I decide to use it for shelter for tonight and cover up most of the entrance (leaving a looking-hole to small to get through but I need to see when it gets daylight again). Inside I construct an oven and produce charcoal for torches and my first couple of tools. The first night can come, as I am in a lit cave. Lacking food, I guess I'll have to go hunting tomorrow, although I have found some apples while cutting down trees so I guess I won't starve. As the cave already held some iron, I can now even think about what iron tools to produce first. As good a start as any. My pulse goes down a little, as the first stage to survival has been done: Getting some form of shelter...
Shelter, food and tools - what more do you need?

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