02 April 2012

Things to come 4

This blog has been going for three months now and I think I have found my rhythm in posting. That said, this month will probably see the following:

-Pen and paper thoughts. As I had said last month, this time I will actually get around to doing some world-building. We'll see if I do actually do it...

-Again, continuing the Oblivion diary. I have enough material for another two months and I don't think I'm even half-way through the main questline...

-I might go on about some more board-game experiences. Just in theory.

-Several possible Thoughts on Pixels are in the making. I have to organize my thoughts on these though.

-I intend to translate my forum-optimized tactical dungeon-crawl RPG MadSlay Online into English. If it gets done within this month, I'll release it here.

So yeah, I've managed to post more posts in March than I did in February and I'll try to keep up the pace with about three posts per week on average. See how it goes in the near future on this very blog!

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