20 April 2012

Minecraft: Permadeath Play - Day 3

After my favorite Minecraft play-blog has finished its epic story of a nomad and his eternal voyage (which wasn't eternal after all), I have decided to fill the void left by that glorious adventure by starting my own little project with Minecraft: Minecraft: Permadeath play. By now the game even offers the option of Hardcore Mode, which deletes your save-file and the entire world in case you should die. That is something I can get behind. I started to play and will post day by day here every once-in-a-while. The goal is not only survival, as that would lead to me building a fortified farm and then nothing else happening ever again. Instead, I have set myself some goals that I shall pursue one at a time. The first one is to get a map of my surrounding area, exploring it to its entirety. Let's get started, shall we?

I get out of the cave early, fighting off a zombie, and get to work. The house is going to be made out of wooden planks on a cobblestone-foundation. I start placing wood on the foundation, every once going off my peninsula to check the view on the building.

Soon to be a place called home.
I work all day long, making glass-panes for the windows, crafting doors, placing blocks, giving the whole thing a nice semi-flat roof and lighting everything with torches. After a day of building and not much else noteworthy happening, I am looking proudly at my new home.

Now all it needs is some furniture!
As there isn't much else to do, I go inside and connect the ground floor to the cave I have been living in so far via a flight of stairs. The house has an upper bedroom with a balcony overlooking the wall and a large window to the front. I am quite happy with it. Tomorrow shall hopefully bring more adventures...

The as-of-yet empty workspace on the ground floor with its stairs leading up and down.

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