10 April 2012

Minecraft: Permadeath Play - Day 2

After my favorite Minecraft play-blog has finished its epic story of a nomad and his eternal voyage (which wasn't eternal after all), I have decided to fill the void left by that glorious adventure by starting my own little project with Minecraft: Minecraft: Permadeath play. By now the game even offers the option of Hardcore Mode, which deletes your save-file and the entire world in case you should die. That is something I can get behind. I started to play and will post day by day here every once-in-a-while. The goal is not only survival, as that would lead to me building a fortified farm and then nothing else happening ever again. Instead, I have set myself some goals that I shall pursue one at a time. The first one is to get a map of my surrounding area, exploring it to its entirety. Let's get started, shall we?

Hearing zombies above and fearing sudden death by creeper, I ran out of my cave, the sword I had crafted over night in hand. I had used the iron that the cave held to craft a sword, as I don't want to get killed by some random mob, and a set of shears as I intend to build myself a bed as soon as possible - being outside at night is way to dangerous when you're on permadeath. I get out of my cave and manage to slay a zombie that had been camping out above my entrance. Then I went hunting.

Using the river for orientation, I hunt down cows for meat and leather, as I need an armor as soon as possible, and sheep to shear them for their wool. After also chopping down some more trees, I decide to get back to my island. There is work to do there. On the way I gather up some sand to smelt into glass. I cut away the remaining trees on my peninsula, hammer down a floor of wood and some foundation-walls from cobblestone that I had gotten from the cave last night. The house won't be done today but the foundation is standing now.
The foundation for a future home...
It is by now getting dark again. As I don't have much coal to make torches, I go back down into my cave. I wall up the entrance again and get to the nights work. I start making more charcoal, so I can use tomorrow to not only finish up the house but also light the peninsula to make it safer at night. Another project is the building of a bed, as I don't want to spend all night waiting and there isn't much to do in the cave besides getting more cobblestone for walling off the peninsula tomorrow. So I make charcoal, mine more raw material and barbecue some steaks. The day is done, tomorrow should get me an actual house so I can move out of this cave...
Making coal...

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